Flora of the Pacific Northwest, 2nd Edition
Burke Museum Herbarium & University of Washington Press
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Treatment Authors

The tables below summarize the contributions made by each auther to revised treatments and keys in the 2nd Edition. Some treatments and keys were co-written by more than one author; these are included in the summary for each contributing author.

See the treatment summary page for information on which families were contributed by each author.

Author1 # Families2 # Terminal Taxa3 Contact
Ed Alverson18110
Richard Brainerd1246
Mark Darrach173
Peter Dunwiddie116
Carolyn Ferguson123
David Giblin64872
Alex Harkness677
Noel Holmgren182
Susan Kephart18
Ben Legler572494
Peter Lesica2141
Mark Mayfield123
Daniel M. McNair612
Rick McNeill18
Katie Sauter Messick211
Richard Olmstead16
Nick Otting2302
Jim Reveal127
Valerie Soza123
Emma Tate17
Jane Van Susteren14
Genevieve Walden1157
Jeff Walker315
Barry Wendling133
Barbara Wilson2255
Peter Zika171571
  1. Author name. Literature citations for individual family treatments may list these authors using our recommended citation format.
  2. # of families for which this author was a contributor. Families are attributed to an author even if the author wrote the treatments and keys for only a portion of the genera in that family.
  3. # of terminal taxa covered by the treatments and keys written or revised by this author.