A New Flora of the Pacific Northwest
A project by the Burke Museum Herbarium
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Broad community support for the new Flora is critical to its success. Ways to participate include making a financial donation, assisting with editing or reviewing treatments, and processing illustrations. Total project costs are estimated at $400,000 (recently revised upwards from $300,000). Funds will largely be devoted to supporting staff, revising keys, acquisition of illustrations, and publishing costs. All funding must be raised from external sources including philanthropic foundations, gifts from private individuals, and federal or state agency support. Interested individuals and entities are encourage to contact us or make an online donation through the Burke Museum web site (100% of your donation goes to support the Flora).

Financial Supporters

We are very grateful to the following organizations and individuals for providing financial support for this project:

Bureau of Land Management

Central Washington Chapter

Columbia Basin Chapter

Davidson Companies (Volunteer Hours Gift Matching)

Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation

Kinnikinnick Chapter, Idaho Native Plant Society

Koma Kulshan Chapter

Mountaineers Foundation

Olympic Chapter

Pendleton and Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation

Portland Chapter

Seattle Garden Club

South Sound Chapter

U.S. Forest Service, Region 1

U.S. Forest Service, Region 6

Washington Noxious Weed Control Board
Suzanne and Marvin Anderson
Catherine Askren
Sharon Baker
Lyn Baldwin
Katy Beck
Julia Bent
Hugh Binley
Ron and Sue Bockelman
John Chau
Catherine Conolly and Rodney Brown
Martin and Rebecca Cheney
Chris Davidson and Sharon Christoph
Alison Colwell
David and Janet Dobak
Mark Darrach
Tad and Julie Dillhoff
David and Janet Dobak
Diane Doss
Richard Droker
Jim Duemmel3
Peter Dunwiddie and Liz Bell4
Kit Ellis
Kathi Erickson
Shelly Evans
Jim and Birte Falconer
Sarah Gage
David Giblin3
David Gross
Clayton and Barbara Haberman
Hylton and Lawrence Hard
Janka and Michael Hobbs3
Peggy Hudson2
Ray Izumi
Julie and John Kane
Ken Karoly
Vicki and Jim King
Don Knoke
Noel Knoke
Dr. Art Kruckeberg
Charles Lief
Dixie and David Llewellin
Cathy Maxwell1
Wendy and Tom McClure
Sandy Miller
Dan and Pat Montague
Scott Moore
Patricia Muir
Carol Nygren
Dick and Sheila Olmstead3
Robin O'Quinn and Tom Groesbeck
Peg Pearson
John Petrotta
Robert Michael Pyle1
Richard Ramsden
Joe Rocchio
Bruce and Alice Ronald
Debra Salstrom and Richard Easterly
Kathleen Sayce
Cindy Spurgeon
Robert Steinauer
Peter Stekel
Donovan Tracy
Fred and Ann Weinmann
Robert and Jill Wilson
Jenny Wyatt
Alan Yen
1. In memory of Thea Pyle
2. In honor of Leo Hitchcock
3. In memory of Don Knoke
4. In honor of Dr. Hugh Iltis
Treatment Authors

The following individuals are providing new treatments and keys for the revised Flora:

Ed Alverson
Richard Brainerd
Mark Darrach
Mark Egger
David Giblin
Alex Harkness
Ben Legler
Daniel McNair
Nick Otting
Barbara Wilson
Peter Zika

The following illustrators have provided new line drawings for the revised Flora:
(# of illustrations completed is given after each name)

Bianca Chavez (3)
Pat Lu-Irving (23)
Angela Mele (17)
Natsuko Porcino (20)
Crystal Shin (348)
Linda Vorobik (110)
Rachael Whitehead (47)

A number of volunteers and undergraduate students have provided invaluable assistance with the imaging, editing, and processing of text and illustrations from the one and five-volume Flora series, or editing and reviewing revised treatments. We extend to them our sincerest thanks:

Alexandra Alina Arseniev-Koehler
Melissa Bowers
Holly Chan
Lacey Crow
Jim Duemmel
Kathi Erickson
Don Estberg
Shambhavi Gautam
Alex Harkness
Virginia Hassinger
Douglas Houck
Peggy Hudson
Mary Johnson
Don Knoke
Robin Lauber
Jane Lundin
Chase O'Neil
Rachel Price
Sandra Ruffner
Sangeetha Sushil
Sherie Tan
Ellen Van Wyk