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British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Lewisiopsis tweedyi
Species Lists and Distribution Maps for Mobile Devices:

Instructions for installing to a desktop computer:

  1. Download one of the following zip files for the group of organisms you want, unzip the file, and move the unzipped contents to the location on your computer where you would like to store datasets.

    algae.zip (21.0 MB; unzips to 65.5 MB, 2,603 files)
    bryophytes.zip (35.2 MB; unzips to 145 MB, 4,212 files)
    fungi.zip (35.9 MB; unzips to 110 MB, 12,224 files)
    lichenized-fungi.zip (29.1 MB; unzips to 11 MB, 3,591 files)
    vascular-plants.zip (230.1 MB; unzips to 1.23 GB, 17,741 files)
  2. Use Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac) to go to the folder containing the unzipped dataset. Find the 'index.htm' file and either double-click it to open it in a browser or right-click and select a browser in which to open it. A web browser should then be launched and the index page displayed.
  3. Bookmark the URL in your browser so you can easily refer to it again.

Note: If your browser does not properly display species pages (with the dot map and specimen label data lists), then it is probably because the browser is not allowing JavaScript files to be run from web pages being directly viewed from the computer's hard drive. Check your browser's security settings or try another browser.