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British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Allotropa virgata
Data Providers

The following providers currently make their data available through the PNW Herbaria portal. Select a provider to learn more about the resources they share with the PNW Herbaria Portal.

Code Provider # Specimens Hosted
BABY B. A. Bennett Herbarium, Yukon Government 8108
CIC College of Idaho, Harold M. Tucker Herbarium 22
HSC Humboldt State University 1838
OSC Oregon State University 332240
V Royal British Columbia Museum 89107
SOC Southern Oregon University 121
NY The New York Botanical Garden 91479
ALA University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Museum of the North 271978
UBC University of British Columbia 481724
ID University of Idaho, Stillinger Herbarium 71
LEA University of Lethbridge 21640
WTU University of Washington 60
RM University of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Herbarium 155701
WS Washington State University, Marion Ownbey Herbarium 167696
  TOTAL: 1,621,785