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British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Spiraea splendens
Provider: B. A. Bennett Herbarium, Yukon Government

(Metadata last updated 2009-11-04)

Code: BABY
Description: B.A. Bennett Herbarium contains only Vascular Plants. With nearly 8,000 Yukon specimens it is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of vascular plants from the Territory. Visiting researchers and students are encouraged to use the herbaria. The library includes all significant northern floras including floras of Russian, Scandinavia, Europe, Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Additional resources include over 4,000 reprints primarily of literature relevant to the Yukon flora, including many historical account. Significant exchanges are currently made with UBC, ALA, CAN, DAO and to a lesser extent ATLA and WTU.
Specialty: Vascular plants of Yukon Territory, but Beringian and Circumboreal flora are also highlighted. Additional significant holdings of collections include Alaska, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Northwest Territories. CITES: CA10YTW1
Notable Collectors: B. A. Bennett; P. P. Caswell; A. Ceska; M. J. Oldham; R. Rosie; S. Withers
Total Specimens: 7,700
Web Site:
Contacts: Bruce Bennett
Email: brbennett[at]klondiker[dot]com
Phone: 1-867-633-2479
Fax: 1-867-393-6263
Address: B. A. Bennett Herbarium
Yukon Government
33 Chinook Lane
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Y1A 5Y2

Resource: Vascular Plants
Code: VP
Name: Vascular Plants
Data Access Point:
Description: Personal collection of Yukon plants representing approximately 90% of the Yukon flora. The emphasis is Yukon vascular plants (4500), with additional collections from B.C. (900), Alaska (800), Ontario (350), and Alberta (100).
Usage Agreement:
Collection Size: 8,108
Records Indexed: 8108
Data Last Updated: 2009-11-04 00:00:00