Member Herbaria

The Consortium maintains a list of all herbaria in the Pacific Northwest with collections of vascular plants, nonvascular plants, algae, lichens, or fungi. The list includes herbaria housed at universities, museums, agency offices, or maintained by private individuals.

This list was compiled by contacting individual herbaria and consulting Index Herbariorum.

Do you manage or know of an herbarium not on this list? If so, please contact us.

Last updated in 2014.

Summary of Regional Herbaria:

State/Province # Herbaria # Specimens
Alaska 5 258,650
British Columbia 9 962,800
Idaho 8 369,557
Montana 6 278,850
Oregon 12 491,700
Washington 17 1,259,300
Yukon Territory 1 7,700
TOTAL 58 3,628,557

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The # of specimens represents the cumulative total housed in herbaria in each state or province, including specimens outside the PNW.

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