Algae of Montana

Generated from PNW Herbaria database
May 31, 2017.

11 family names
14 genus names
15 species/infraspecies names
(names highlighted in brown could not be resolved to an accepted name)

Index to Families:

C, E, N, T, Z, C, O, C, L, P, ?
Cocconeidaceae: Cocconeis
Eunotiaceae: Actinella, Eunotia
Naviculaceae: Navicula
Tribonemataceae: Tribonema
Zygnemataceae: Spirogyra
Cladophoraceae: Rhizoclonium
Oedogoniaceae: Oedogonium
Corallinaceae: Lithothamnium
Lemaneaceae: Chantransia
Phragmonemataceae: Acrospermum
Not assigned to family: Chroococcus, Dichothrix, Oscillatoria