A New Flora of the Pacific Northwest
A project by the Burke Museum Herbarium
Treatment Progress
Completed Treatments:
Families: 139 of 158
Genera: 684 of 1,126
Taxa: 3,399 of 5,498
Illustrations: 952 of 1,350

The tables below provide a summary of our progress towards the revised Flora. To date, 139 family treatments have been completed, at least as a near-final draft of the text, and are in various stages of editing and image placement. These completed treatments cover 684 genera and 3,399 terminal taxa (61.8% of the total # of taxa), representing about 503 pages of revised content. The treatments for 13 families are in progress, covering an additional 432 genera and 2,058 terminal taxa. New illustrations have been completed for 952 taxa.

The first table shows family treatments and keys that have been completed, at least as a near-final draft. Also shown are the number of genera and terminal taxa treated in each family, and the number of new illustrations we need to acquire in order to fully illustrate the keys.

The second table lists family treatments and keys that are in progress, along with the estimated number of genera and terminal taxa in the Flora region.

The third table lists family treatments and keys that are awaiting work, along with the estimated number of genera and terminal taxa in the Flora region.

Last updated Nov 8, 2016

Completed Treatments:
Family Treatment Status Authors # Genera Treated # Taxa Treated New Illustrations Completed Comments
Ferns & Allies:  
AspleniaceaeReviewEd Alverson163 of 3 
AthyriaceaeReviewEd Alverson132 of 2 
BlechnaceaeReviewEd Alverson22(none required) 
CystopteridaceaeReviewEd Alverson241 of 1 
DennstaedtiaceaeReviewEd Alverson121 of 1 
DryopteridaceaeReviewEd Alverson2165 of 5 
EquisetaceaeReviewEd Alverson1141 of 1 
HymenophyllaceaeReviewEd Alverson111 of 1 
IsoetaceaeReviewEd Alverson174 of 4 
LycopodiaceaeReviewBen Legler3133 of 5 
MarsileaceaeReviewEd Alverson231 of 1 
OnocleaceaeReviewEd Alverson111 of 1 
OphioglossaceaeReviewBen Legler42517 of 17 
OsmundaceaeReviewEd Alverson11(none required)Included only in key to fern families
PolypodiaceaeReviewEd Alverson165 of 5 
PteridaceaeReviewEd Alverson6206 of 6 
SalviniaceaeReviewEd Alverson133 of 3 
SelaginellaceaeReviewEd Alverson183 of 3 
ThelypteridaceaeReviewEd Alverson33(none required) 
WoodsiaceaeReviewEd Alverson173 of 4 
CupressaceaeReviewBen Legler4165 of 5 
PinaceaeReviewBen Legler6335 of 6 
TaxaceaeReviewBen Legler121 of 1 
AizoaceaeReviewDavid Giblin111 of 1 
AmaranthaceaeImage PlacementDavid Giblin, Peter Zika, Ben Legler259829 of 30 
AnacardiaceaeReviewDavid Giblin251 of 1 
ApocynaceaeReviewDavid Giblin391 of 1 
AraliaceaeReviewDavid Giblin485 of 5 
AristolochiaceaeReviewDavid Giblin132 of 2 
BalsaminaceaeReviewPeter Zika198 of 8 
BerberidaceaeReviewDavid Giblin, Ben Legler3104 of 4 
BetulaceaeReviewDavid Giblin, Ben Legler3175 of 5 
BignoniaceaeReviewDavid Giblin122 of 2 
BrassicaceaeReviewBen Legler7028292 of 92 
CabombaceaeReviewDavid Giblin221 of 1 
CactaceaeDraftRick McNeill38(none required) 
CampanulaceaeDraftBarry Wendling1026  
CannabaceaeReviewBen Legler354 of 4 
CaryophyllaceaeImage PlacementBen Legler3014027 of 28 
CelastraceaeReviewAlex Harkness39(none required) 
CeratophyllaceaeReviewAlex Harkness121 of 1 
CleomaceaeReviewBen Legler35  
ConvolvulaceaeDraftPeter Zika419  
CornaceaeReviewAlex Harkness, Ben Legler152 of 2 
CrassulaceaeReviewBen Legler, Alex Harkness, David Giblin3237 of 9Funded by South Sound Chapter, Washington Native Plant Society
CrossosomataceaeReviewAlex Harkness11(none required) 
CucurbitaceaeReviewDavid Giblin442 of 2 
DipsacaceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair22(none required) 
DroseraceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair253 of 3 
EhretiaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
ElaeagnaceaeReviewBen Legler251 of 1 
ElatinaceaeImage PlacementBen Legler25  
EricaceaeReviewPeter Lesica26695 of 5 
EuphorbiaceaeReviewBen Legler428  
FabaceaeReviewBen Legler3836537 of 41 
FagaceaeReviewDavid Giblin394 of 4 
GarryaceaeReviewDavid Giblin12(none required) 
GentianaceaeImage PlacementDavid Giblin, Ben Legler11337 of 9 
GeraniaceaeReviewBen Legler220  
GrossulariaceaeReviewAlex Harkness, David Giblin1373 of 3 
HaloragaceaeDraftPeter Zika110  
HeliotropiaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
HydrangeaceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair22(none required) 
HydrophyllaceaeReviewBen Legler755  
HypericaceaeReviewPeter Zika212  
JuglandaceaeReviewBen Legler13  
LauraceaeReviewDavid Giblin111 of 1 
LentibulariaceaeReviewKatie Sauter Messick, David Giblin284 of 4 
LimnanthaceaeImage PlacementDavid Giblin242 of 2 
LinaceaeReviewDavid Giblin3123 of 3 
LoasaceaeReviewDavid Giblin182 of 2 
LythraceaeReviewBen Legler373 of 3 
MalvaceaeReviewDavid Giblin13356 of 6 
MazaceaeDraftBen Legler11  
MenyanthaceaeReviewDavid Giblin331 of 1 
MolluginaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
MontiaceaeReviewBen Legler7363 of 4Funded by South Sound Chapter, Washington Native Plant Society
MoraceaeReviewBen Legler22(none required) 
MyricaceaeReviewDavid Giblin22(none required) 
NamaceaeReviewBen Legler13  
NitrariaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
NyctaginaceaeReviewDavid Giblin3131 of 1 
NymphaeaceaeReviewDavid Giblin262 of 2 
OxalidaceaeReviewDavid Giblin16(none required) 
PaeoniaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
PapaveraceaeReviewDavid Giblin12297 of 7Funded by Seattle Garden Club
PaulowniaceaeReviewDavid Giblin111 of 1 
PenthoraceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair111 of 1 
PhrymaceaeReviewBen Legler535  
PhytolaccaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
PlumbaginaceaeReviewDavid Giblin231 of 2 
PolemoniaceaeImage PlacementBen Legler15112  
PolygalaceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair111 of 1 
PolygonaceaeImage PlacementPeter Zika, David Giblin1115231 of 46 
PortulacaceaeReviewBen Legler11(none required) 
RanunculaceaeReviewBen Legler2215421 of 21 
ResedaceaeReviewDavid Giblin14(none required) 
RhamnaceaeReviewDavid Giblin3144 of 4Funded by Seattle Garden Club
RosaceaeImage PlacementPeter Zika4725572 of 74 
SantalaceaeReviewDavid Giblin, Ben Legler5187 of 7Includes Comandraceae, Thesiaceae, and Viscaeae
SapindaceaeReviewDavid Giblin2114 of 4 
SarcobataceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
SarraceniaceaeReviewDavid Giblin242 of 2 
SaururaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
SaxifragaceaeReviewBen Legler, David Giblin248413 of 13 
ScrophulariaceaeReviewDavid Giblin493 of 3 
SimaroubaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
SolanaceaeReviewBen Legler1031  
TamaricaceaeReviewDavid Giblin132 of 2 
ThymelaeaceaeReviewBen Legler231 of 3 
UlmaceaeReviewBen Legler143 of 3 
UrticaceaeReviewDavid Giblin26(none required) 
ValerianaceaeReviewPeter Dunwiddie4151 of 2 
ViolaceaeDraftPeter Zika138  
VitaceaeReviewDavid Giblin252 of 2 
ZygophyllaceaeReviewDavid Giblin22(none required) 
AcoraceaeReviewDavid Giblin122 of 2 
AlismataceaeReviewBen Legler4127 of 7 
AmaryllidaceaeReviewBen Legler446  
AraceaeReviewPeter Zika11182 of 8 
AsparagaceaeReviewBen Legler, Susan Kephart13369 of 9 
AsphodelaceaeReviewBen Legler131 of 1 
ButomaceaeReviewDaniel M. McNair, David Giblin111 of 1 
CommelinaceaeReviewBen Legler221 of 1 
CyperaceaeReviewPeter Zika15283106 of 106Funded by Washington Native Plant Society
HydrocharitaceaeReviewDavid Giblin6112 of 2 
IridaceaeReviewBen Legler5278 of 8 
JuncaceaeReviewPeter Zika28837 of 37 
JuncaginaceaeReviewDavid Giblin161 of 1 
LiliaceaeImage PlacementBen Legler, Ed Alverson, Jim Reveal9455 of 7 
MelanthiaceaeReviewBen Legler5152 of 2 
OrchidaceaeReviewBen Legler13499 of 9 
PontederiaceaeReviewKatie Sauter Messick, David Giblin331 of 1 
PotamogetonaceaeReviewPeter Zika327  
RuppiaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
ScheuchzeriaceaeReviewDavid Giblin11(none required) 
TofieldiaceaeReviewBen Legler253 of 3 
TyphaceaeReviewBen Legler2115 of 5 
ZosteraceaeReviewDavid Giblin351 of 1 

Families in Progress:
Family Authors Estimated # Genera Estimated # Taxa New Illustrations Completed Comments
ApiaceaeDavid Giblin, Mark Darrack4115012Treatment mostly completed
AsteraceaePeter Zika, Genevieve Walden, Peter Lesica16372331Centaurea and Hieracium completed (funded by WA Noxious Weed Control Board)
BoraginaceaeDavid Giblin201109Treatment mostly completed
LamiaceaeBen Legler30764Completed except for Monardella
LinnaeaceaePeter Zika11  
OnagraceaePeter Zika15921 
OrobanchaceaeBen Legler12112  
PlantaginaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin, Noel Holmgren191742Completed except for Penstemon
PrimulaceaePeter Zika740 Includes Myrsinaceae and Theophrastaceae
RubiaceaeValerie Soza625  
SalicaceaeCarex Working Group269  
VerbenaceaeJeff Walker161 
PoaceaeCarex Working Group, Peter Zika115480 Key to genera and large genera keys completed

Families Pending Treatment:
Family Authors Estimated # Genera Estimated # Taxa New Illustrations Completed Comments