Flora of the Pacific Northwest, 2nd Edition
A project by the Burke Museum Herbarium
Treatment Progress
Completed Treatments:
Families: 159 of 159
Genera: 1,141 of 1,141
Taxa: 5,335 of 5,335
Illustrations: 1,379 of 1,379

The tables below provide a summary of each family in the revised Flora. All treatments have now been completed. These treatments cover 159 families, 1,141 genera and 5,335 terminal taxa, representing about 827 pages of content. New illustrations have been completed for 1,379 taxa.

The table below shows the number of genera and terminal taxa treated in each family, and the number of illustrations for that family. The total number of illustrations includes those re-used from the 1st Edition of the Flora.

Last updated March 16, 2018

Lycophytes and Ferns:
Family Authors # Genera Treated # Taxa Treated # Taxa Illustrated # New Illustr. Comments
AspleniaceaeEd Alverson1543
AthyriaceaeEd Alverson1332
BlechnaceaeEd Alverson2220
CystopteridaceaeEd Alverson2541
DennstaedtiaceaeEd Alverson1221
DryopteridaceaeEd Alverson217176
EquisetaceaeEd Alverson114111
HymenophyllaceaeEd Alverson1111
IsoetaceaeEd Alverson1774
LycopodiaceaeBen Legler613125
MarsileaceaeEd Alverson2442
OnocleaceaeEd Alverson1111
OphioglossaceaeBen Legler4252417
OsmundaceaeEd Alverson1100Included only in key to families.
PolypodiaceaeEd Alverson1665
PteridaceaeEd Alverson617176
SalviniaceaeEd Alverson1333
SelaginellaceaeEd Alverson1883
ThelypteridaceaeEd Alverson3330
WoodsiaceaeEd Alverson1543
Family Authors # Genera Treated # Taxa Treated # Taxa Illustrated # New Illustr. Comments
CupressaceaeBen Legler415115
PinaceaeBen Legler632244
TaxaceaeBen Legler1211
Basal Dicots and Eudicots:
Family Authors # Genera Treated # Taxa Treated # Taxa Illustrated # New Illustrations Comments
AdoxaceaeBen Legler31683
AizoaceaeDavid Giblin1111
AmaranthaceaeDavid Giblin, Ben Legler, Peter Zika25917132Includes Chenopodiaceae; see also Sarcobataceae.
AnacardiaceaeDavid Giblin2551
ApiaceaeDavid Giblin, Mark Darrack4014713533
ApocynaceaeDavid Giblin3992
AquifoliaceaeJeff Walker1111
AraliaceaeDavid Giblin4885
AristolochiaceaeDavid Giblin1332
AsteraceaeBen Legler, Genevieve Walden, Peter Zika, Peter Lesica (Erigeron), Emma Tate (Rudbeckia), VanSusteren (Ionactis) 161681599138
BalsaminaceaePeter Zika1998
BerberidaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin311105
BetulaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin317145
BignoniaceaeDavid Giblin1222
BoraginaceaeDavid Giblin2511911430See also Ehretiaceae, Heliotropiaceae.
BrassicaceaeBen Legler7027825392
CabombaceaeDavid Giblin2221
CactaceaeRick McNeill3651
CampanulaceaeBarry Wendling11322710
CannabaceaeBen Legler3654
CaprifoliaceaeBen Legler221175See also Adoxaceae, Linnaeaceae.
CaryophyllaceaeBen Legler3514413136
CelastraceaeAlex Harkness3970
CeratophyllaceaeAlex Harkness1221
CleomaceaeBen Legler3550
ConvolvulaceaePeter Zika419174
CornaceaeAlex Harkness, Ben Legler1554
CrassulaceaeAlex Harkness, Ben Legler, David Giblin324219
CrossosomataceaeAlex Harkness1110
CucurbitaceaeDavid Giblin5532
DipsacaceaeDaniel M. McNair2220
DroseraceaeDaniel M. McNair2543
EhretiaceaeDavid Giblin1110
ElaeagnaceaeBen Legler2551
ElatinaceaeBen Legler2551
EricaceaePeter Lesica2569636
EscalloniaceaeBen Legler1100Included only in key to families.
EuphorbiaceaeBen Legler429185
FabaceaeBen Legler3835232251
FagaceaeDavid Giblin3874
Frankeniaceae0000Not treated; old ballast waif.
GarryaceaeDavid Giblin2320
GentianaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin1133319
GeraniaceaeBen Legler220155
GrossulariaceaeAlex Harkness, David Giblin135334
HaloragaceaePeter Zika110108
HeliotropiaceaeDavid Giblin1110
HydrangeaceaeDaniel M. McNair2220
HydrophyllaceaeBen Legler654466See also Namaceae.
HypericaceaePeter Zika213129
JuglandaceaeBen Legler1433
LamiaceaeBen Legler, Richard Olmstead (Scutellaria)33856317
LauraceaeDavid Giblin1111
LentibulariaceaeDavid Giblin, Katie Sauter Messick2873
LimnanthaceaeDavid Giblin2443
LinaceaeDavid Giblin31073
LinderniaceaeBen Legler1110
LinnaeaceaePeter Zika1111
LoasaceaeDavid Giblin1752
LythraceaeBen Legler3663
MalvaceaeDavid Giblin1334256
MazaceaeBen Legler1110
MenyanthaceaeDavid Giblin3331
MolluginaceaeDavid Giblin1110
MontiaceaeBen Legler736354
MoraceaeBen Legler2220
MyricaceaeDavid Giblin2220
NamaceaeBen Legler1320
NitrariaceaeDavid Giblin1110
NyctaginaceaeDavid Giblin21071
NymphaeaceaeDavid Giblin2652
OleaceaeJeff Walker4944
OnagraceaePeter Zika15838034
OrobanchaceaeBen Legler141129315
OxalidaceaeDavid Giblin1960
PaeoniaceaeDavid Giblin1110
PapaveraceaeDavid Giblin1127239Includes Fumariaceae.
PaulowniaceaeDavid Giblin1111
PenthoraceaeDaniel M. McNair1111
PhrymaceaeBen Legler4363617
PhytolaccaceaeDavid Giblin1110
PlantaginaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin (Callitriche), Noel Holmgren (Penstemon)2017014219Includes Callitrichaceae, Hippuridaceae.
PlumbaginaceaeDavid Giblin2432
PolemoniaceaeBen Legler, Carolyn Ferguson (Phlox p.p.), Mark Mayfield (Phlox p.p.)15918721
PolygalaceaeDaniel M. McNair1111
PolygonaceaePeter Zika, David Giblin, Ben Legler (Chorizanthe, Oxytheca)1114112937
PortulacaceaeBen Legler1110Most taxa transferred to Montiaceae.
PrimulaceaePeter Zika9423912Includes Myrsinaceae and Theophrastaceae.
RanunculaceaeBen Legler2214913920
ResedaceaeDavid Giblin1430
RhamnaceaeDavid Giblin313124
RosaceaePeter Zika4824820783
RubiaceaeValerie Soza521193
SalicaceaeNick Otting, Barbara Wilson2575213
SantalaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin517136Includes Comandraceae, Thesiaceae, and Viscaeae.
SapindaceaeDavid Giblin21294Includes Aceraceae.
SarcobataceaeDavid Giblin1110
SarraceniaceaeDavid Giblin2432
SaururaceaeDavid Giblin1110
SaxifragaceaeBen Legler, David Giblin24848213
ScrophulariaceaeDavid Giblin4983See also Linderniaceae, Mazaceae, Orobanchaceae, Phrymaceae, Plantaginaceae.
SimaroubaceaeDavid Giblin1110
SolanaceaeBen Legler1138185
TamaricaceaeDavid Giblin1332
ThymelaeaceaeBen Legler2333
UlmaceaeBen Legler1433
UrticaceaeDavid Giblin2640
ValerianaceaePeter Dunwiddie416142
VerbenaceaeJeff Walker1552
ViolaceaePeter Zika132305
VitaceaeDavid Giblin2431
ZygophyllaceaeDavid Giblin2220
Family Authors # Genera Treated # Taxa Treated # Taxa Illustrated # New Illustr. Comments
AcoraceaeDavid Giblin1222
AlismataceaeBen Legler311117
AmaryllidaceaeBen Legler446373
AraceaePeter Zika815147Includes Lemnaceae.
AsparagaceaeBen Legler, Susan Kephart (Camassia)12363012
AsphodelaceaeBen Legler1311
ButomaceaeDaniel M. McNair, David Giblin1111
CommelinaceaeBen Legler2222
CyperaceaePeter Zika15274268108
HydrocharitaceaeDavid Giblin711102
IridaceaeBen Legler527229
JuncaceaePeter Zika2858236
JuncaginaceaeDavid Giblin1661
LiliaceaeBen Legler, Ed Alverson (Erythronium), Jim Reveal (Calochortus)945416See also Amaryllidaceae, Asparagaceae, Asphodelaceae, Melanthiaceae, Tofieldiaceae.
MelanthiaceaeBen Legler515151
OrchidaceaeBen Legler13494512
PoaceaePeter Zika, Barbara Wilson, Nick Otting, Richard Brainerd, David Giblin11745137977
PontederiaceaeDavid Giblin, Katie Sauter Messick3321
PotamogetonaceaePeter Zika325253Includes Zannichelliaceae.
RuppiaceaeDavid Giblin1110
ScheuchzeriaceaeDavid Giblin1110
SmilacaceaeBen Legler1200Included only in key to families.
TofieldiaceaeBen Legler2543
TyphaceaeBen Legler210105
ZosteraceaeDavid Giblin3551